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Chapter 5 Verse 1,2

“Arjun said, ‘you have so far commended, O Krishna both the Way of knowledge through Renunciation and then the Way of Selfless action; so now tell me which one of the two is decidedly more propitious.’ “

Arjun who now was depressed, started listening to the pleasing and wise words of his beloved friend Krishna, and listening to him till now has brought quite amount of satisfaction, due to which he is now asking further questions related to knowledge that Krishna has already given to him.
He asks Krishna which one of the two is better to practise, the one through renuncing or the way of selfless action.

“The Lord said, ‘both Renunciation and selfless action achieve salvation, but of the two Way of Selfless action is better because it is easier to practice. “
Krishna says that the way of selfless action is better to practice then renunciation as it is easier to practice. As renunciation is giving away all pleasures and then practicing but selfless action is just giving away the fruit of the action. Which becomes very easy to practice as its just a matter of mental shift. Rather then the difficult to digest physical shift method that involves in renunciation.


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Verse 41,42

“O Dhananjay, action cannot bind the man who relies on God and who has surrendered all his actions to him by the practise of karm-yog and all whose doubts have been put to rest by knowledge.”

When man has surrendered all his actions to God, then man actually is doing nothing. His intention of surrendering itself when done with full devotion and whole heartedly is done so perfectly that he liberates himself at that very moment from the cycle of action and their attachment. His doubts would recede and he would be enjoying pure bliss all the time.¬† His body would still be doing actions but they would be driven by the God force and nothing would fall on him as his doing. Karmas are then not counted as the God is only ‘acting’ through him.

“So O Bharat, dwell in yog and stand up to cut down this irresolution that has entered into your heart because of ignorance with the steel of knowledge.”

Dwelling into yoga would bring a flood knowledge into our minds. Yoga knowledge when begun is somewhat a strict routine to follow but dwelling into it will slowly make the rules into a habit and when you have good habit then positivity flows. In case of yoga its connected to the soul and soul aways connects to the infinite spiritual intelligence. And so Krishna asks Arjun to connect to his soul and dwell in yoga that will help knowledge to folw that would help him to cut through the ignorance that was clouding Arjun’s understanding.

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Verse 39, 40

“The worshiper of true faith who has subdued his senses attains to this knowledge and at the very moment he is rewrded with the benediction of supreme peace.”

The worshipper of true faith who has controlled his senses and attains this knowledge gets the advantage of spureme peace at the very moment, because truth is very easy to see if there is no veil of attachment in front of your eyes. And so such a person is ‘open’ and can see the truth and experience real peace at once.
“For a skeptic bereft of faith and knowledge who strays from the path of righteousness, there is happiness neither in this world nor in the next world; he loses both the worlds.”

For a skeptic who has strayed from the path of righteousness will never find happiness in this world or other world and looses both worlds. Because when he is not on the right path he is made devoid of the pleasures of this world. And when he is not comfortable in this world then how would he think about other worlds. He immediately becomes blocked from the goodness of life from both world’s.

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Verse 37,38

“As a blazing fire turns fuel to ashes, so verily O Arjun the fire of knowledge reduces all action to ashes.”
As the fire and its huge flames turns fuel to ash, in the same way the fire of knowledge burns all actions to ashes. When you have the higher knowledge that everything you are doing isnt ‘you’ but the divine acting through you; then your actions will be his actions and you wont add any attachment to it. And so all actions would be burnt to ashes.
“Doubtlessly nothing in the world is more purifying then this knowledge and your heart will realize it spontaneously when you have attained to perfection on the way to action.”

this knowledge is so purifying that your heart will accept it spontaneously and with a click a subtle veil will be opened; you will then attain perfection to the way to action as no action will be your action and all action will be His action. He in all sense is perfect and all his actions are perfect and so your actions would also attain perfection.

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Verse 35,36

“Knowing which, O son of pandu, you will never again be a prey like this to attachment, and equipped with this knowledge you will see all beings within yourself and then within me.”

Knowing the supreme knowledge means knowing the dwelling of God and his supreme spirit within each and every spec of living ang non-living beings.  When one knows this knowledge then they cannot be a prey to any kind of attachment like Arjun was being at that moment. And when you get this knowledge then you would be able to see all beings within yourself(Arjuna) and within Krishna too.

“Even if you are the most heinous sinner, the ark of knowledge will carry you safely across all evils.”
Even if you are the worst criminal then too this ark of knowledge would carry you safely across all the evils and make you stand amidst the knowledgeable ones and the wise ones. As crime or brutality comes in when there is lack of knowledge. Lack of proper knowledge to children while they are young resulting them to be criminals in their adulthood. But deriving the knowledge of the supreme being itself helps bring change or shift within every being that is shallow and help then to grow into a better person.

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Verse 33,34

“Sacrifice through wisdom is, O Paramtap in every way superior to sacrifice made with material objects, because all action ceases in knowledge, their culmination.”

Sacrifice that is performed through wisdom is always better then the sacrifices that are made with materialistic objects. Because all action ceases in knowledge. Sacrifices made with materialistic objects are itself an act of ignorance. People who possess least wisdom perform this kind of yagya where they sacrifice physical objects, which involves then giving away these materials; which itself is a meagre act but it instills the idea of giving away. Whereas wise people who are already to give away all attachments need not make any physical sacrifices but just sacrifices made from their mind of their senses and their pleasures. This is wisdom and is of the highest quality of sacrifice.

“Obtain that knowledge through reverence, inquiry and innocent solicitation, and the sages who are aware of reality will initiate you into it.”
You can obtain this knowledge from sages who are aware of this by reverence, inquiry and innocent solicitation. These are the keys to help you get your way easily made or directed by these yogis. When you want to tread a path unknown its better to ask somebody’s help who is aware of the path. And the sages who are aware of this type of yagya will help you initiate easily on the path. But it is important you pick the right sages as the only knowledgeable ones might take you to the right way.

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Verse 31,32

“O the best of Kuru, the yogi who have tasted the nectar flowing from yagya attain to the eternal supreme God, but how can the next life of men bereft of yagya be happy when even their in this world is miserable?”

The men who have tasted the sweetness of nectar flowing from Yagya attains the supreme God. Nothing is more pleasing to them then their beloved Almighty. Yagya that one practises by detaching from all worldly attachments and senses and attaching only to the supreme Lord that dwells within us. And the person who doesnt follow this yagya will almost be drenched into Maya and be fully under her control. He would be a puppet to all the good and bad experiences in his life, and a person who is devoid of this Yagya, how can he attain God when his existence in this world itself is miserable.

“Many such yagya are laid down by the Ved but they all germinate and grow from the ordained¬† action, and performing their various steps you will be free from worldly bondage.”

Forms of Yagya are laid down by the vedas, but they would germinate and grow according to the actions that are performed by following these yagyas. When they are read from the scriptures they are just a form of advice, but putting it into action would really help man to free himself of all bondage and attain the peak of happiness one derives when he performs the yagya.

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