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Verse 24,25


“Abandoning all desire, lust and attachment and pulling in by an exercise of the mind the numerous senses from all sides.”

All desires, lust and attachment should be abandoned; this is done by pulling away the mind from the senses and its pleasures from all sides and that too on a regular basis. And by doing this….

“His intellect should also rein in the mind firmly and make it contemplate nothing except God and, thus step by step, he should proceed towards the attainment of final liberation.”

His intellect would rein in mind firmly and make it think profoundly only about God. The decision to attain God has to be taken by the ordinary man. No man can first turn a yogi and then decide to attain God.

When you decide to attain God only then your mind will help you to resist from all the sensual pleasures and move on the path of attainment of God. There is a centre in your brainn that works as the “God’s centre” and your brain is connected to your mind. And so when you take the decision to attain God and then start practising the yog to restrain all pleasures of the senses. And by doing so you will be able to attain your ultimate liberation.


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Verse 22,23


“In this state, in which he believes that there can be no greater good then the ultimate peace he has found in God, he is unshaken by even the direst of all griefs.”

When the devotee believes that there can be no greater good then the ultimate peace he has found in God then he will always stay unshaken from any kind of griefs. Believeing happens when one always sees something When the ultimate and never drying ocean is once visited by anyone, he will never grieve the drying of rivers as he knows that there still exists the cooling comfortable winds of the oceans. And so he will always remember the peacefulness found in the ocean. The believeing in God always has to be from the heart. And its always easy to start believeing in God as the greatest of all Good.

“It is the duty to practise this yog, untouched by miseries of the world, with vigour and determination, and without a sense of ennui.”

To practise this yog there needs to me a sense of aloof ness from the world, only this will help to stay away from the miseries of the world. When you dwell into the miseries of the world, it is only then that you get attached by it and are not able to think for your higher good. The state of aloofnes with the world along with determination and vigour to practise the yog to attain your eternal beloved is the right path of attaining God in quickest way.

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Verse 20,21


“In the state in which even the yog-restrained mind is dissolved by a direct perception of God, he (the worshipper) rests contented in his self.”

Perception is the way by which a person sees something, which means that God isn’t directly appearing to the worshipper but the worshipper has some definition of highest power that is God in his mind. And with this definition he perceives God. The knowingness that the God is highest is the supreme being gives immense contentment to the perceptor, and thus stays satisfied in himself.

“After knowing God, he dwells for ever and unwavering in the state in which he is blessed with the eternal, sense-transcending joy that can be felt only by a refined and subtle intellect;”

After knowing God he always dwells in that state in an unwavering way, in which he is blessed with eternal sense-transcending joy which are higher states and can be felt only by those who have a refined and subtle intellect.

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Verse 18,19


“A man is said to be endowed with yog when, restrained by the practise of selfless action and contented with self, his mind is freed from all questions.”

When a man restrains by practising selfless action and stays contented with himself gets freed from all questions. A man who when can stay away from all action and desires is usually in no need to ask any questions as he will have any questions only if he has any desires or is doing any actions. For the one who doesnt do any actions or maybe we can say wait for the fruits of the actions as well as for the one who has no desire sleft has nothing left to ask from it. And so that man is freed from all questions. This person is called a Yogi.

“An analogy is drawn between the lamp whose flame doesnt flicker because there is no wind and the fully restrained mind of a yogi engaged in contemplation of God.”

When a yogi’s mind is fully engaged in contemplation of God he would not hink of anything else. The mind is like then full with just God himself and so there is no wavering or any thoughts. Thoughts come in when the mind is/doubts of God. But when the Gos is realized then it is still and calm and is unshakeable just like the flame that is unshakable by the blow of wind.

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Verse 16,17


“This is yog, O Arjun, is neither achieved by one who eats too much or too little, nor by onw who sleeps too much or too little.”

The above process is yog, and Krishna further explains that this is the actual yog and it can never be achieved by people who eat too much or too little. In the sense that people who are too much materialistic are always eating without thinking and so end up eating too much who cannot achieve the state of yog. Also the saints or the renunciants who are limited to food intake due to their wandering in jungles, are prone to get very less food or sometimes no food at all which also is a hindrance in achieving the state of yoga.

“Yog, the destroyer of all grief is achieved only by those who regulate their food and recreation who strive according to their capacity and who sleep in moderation.”

Yoga is the destroyer of all grief and all negativity in our lives. It can be achieved by only those people who regulate their food, who eat neither too much nor too less. Also the activities of pleasure also should be undertaken, totally cutting off from pleasures will make one starve of them and finally after a period of time crave for the same and at last may end up into a rebellion to get them which will make them ofcourse overdo it; instead recreation also should be undertaken in limit which helps to smooth out roughness from life. Also sleep should be taken enough, not too much neither too less. Sleep helps to regulate the inner functions of the body to run smoothly. So when a person exceeds or starves the normal sleep he needs there is always an imbalance seen in his inner systems.

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Verse 14,15

“Abiding in continence, fearless, serene at heart, alert and restrained in mind, he should surrender himself firmly to me.”

Being continent/celibate, here means focused on Brahma(as in brahmacharya), as sages have realized that true celibacy of controlling sexual urge is impossible; so the focus should be kept fully on Brahma, person should be fearless and serene at heart, alert and restrained in mind, and the most important thing he should surrender fully to the God. These are the basic requirements that need to be fulfilled from the inside of the yogi to get him ready for his practices.

“The Yogi with a restrained mind who thus meditates on me incessantly at last attains to the sublime peace that dwells in me.”

The yogi doing so when restrains his mind and incessantly(non-stopping way) meditates upon me, attains the sublime peace that dwells in me.

The most common saying that we all know, we all become of what we think; in the same way when a yogi continuously focuses on me(Non-thinking) then he starts getting the vibrations, energy and feel of God. He starts getting knowledge more and more about God’s vastness and enormity and thus also starts feeling the bliss that God is in despite of holding on this maya induced world. He is at peace eternally and so a yogi concentrating on God, gets more and more closer to Him and the more closer he gets, the more peaceful he would start feeling.

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Verse 12,13


“He should then sit on it and practise yog, concentrating his mind and restraining the senses, for self-purification.”

Krishna further explains the position of the yogi that wil help him in his self-awareness journey. The seat that was discussed in the previous verse should be used to sit upon and practise yog. Concentrating and doing other yogic practises to aid self-purification.

“Holding his body, head and neck firmly erect, his eyes should concentrate on tip of the nose, looking neither right or neft.”

Then further adds to the position of the person’s body for the process, the body, head and neck should be held erect. Erect here means not too stiff, they should be kept straight but yet relaxed which would help in for longer meditation sessions.

Eyes should concentrate on the nose tip, neither left nor right but on the centre of the nose, as nose is the centre of the prana energy entering the body and concentrating on the prana/breathing helps the best during self-realization process.

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