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Verse 3, 4


“The Lord said, The one who is imperishable is the Supreme Spirit; abiding in a body he is adhyatm and the cessation of properties in beings which produces something or the other is action.”

The one who is the imperishable is the supreme being, when he is in the human body he is the adhyatma or the spirituality. And the the ceasing of properties within a being to produce somthing else is action.  As energy can be transormed from one form to other, and so man who uses his energy to do some action he transforms his energy into that thing. When man does his action ‘selflessly’ then the part of self isnt used to produce the desired result and the the man stays complete and also feels complete within himself. A man who uses himself in doing actions is regularly depleted of his ‘self’ energy which is used to produce the desired results.

“Adhibhoot is all that is subject to birth and death; the Supreme Spirit is adhidaiv and O the unparalleled among men, I Vasudev am the adhyatm in the body.”

Adhibhooot is all that is subject to birth and death, everything that is born and dies inclluding the non-living things which are also born at some time while creation of the earth’s process. And Supreme Spirit is the adhidaiv among unparallelled men who resides in every living beings as a fragment of the supreme soul. And the Supreme lord Vasudev is the Adhyatm in the body.

This simply says that each and every thing that exists in this universe is simply made up of only one spirit and that is Vasudev.


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Chapter 8 Verse 1,2


“Arjun said Enlighten me O Supreme being on the nature of Brahm, adhyatm, action, adhibhoot, and adhidev.”

Krishna told Arjun about Brahm, Adhyatm, Action, Adhibhoot and Adhidev which were all mysterious to Arjun. Arjun was getting more and more interested to Krishna’s talk and was drinking in the wisdom that was flowing from Krishna’s mouth. Infinite wisdom is filled with pure love of the divine and the more you drink it in the more your thirst deepens. The thirst doesnt leave you with pain but this thirst increases your pleasure level and ecstacy. This is what caught Arjun and so he wanted to get and more from Krishna’s wisdom.

“Who is adhiyagya, O Madhusudan, and how is he enshrined in the body: and how does that man with a restrained mind know you at the end?”

Also Arjun continues to ask Krishna who is Adhiyagya and how does a man with restrained mind know the supreme lord at the end. Krishna loves the fatc that Arjun is following his teachings and is asking him to know more where Arjun has doubts. And so he patiently listens to all his questions, though being yogeshwar he knows it all what Arjun has understood and what he hasn’t.

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Verse 29, 30


“Only they who strive for liberation from the cycle of birth and death by finding shelter under me succeed in knowing God, spiritual wisdom and all action.”

The people who take shelter in me to know me and get freedom from the cycle of birth and death get the real knowledge about me, the spiritual wisdom that awakens the human mind and frees himself from all kind of bondages and maya delusions and all kinds of actions that binds the man to human body and karmas.

“They who know me as the predicting Spirit in all beings (adibhut) and Gods (adidev), and yagya (adiyagya) and whose minds are fixed on me, know me at the end.”

The people who know me as the spirit that resides within all beings and Gods and yagya; all the creations that includes all Devas, Danavas, all etheric beings, then the beings residing within the maya realm; the animals ,plant souls, and the humans all are none other then souls that are fragments from the divine and supreme God.

All those souls who know me this way and see me in everything know me at the end.

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Verse 27, 28


“All beings in this world fall into ignorance, O Bharat because of the contradictions of attachment and repugnance, and of happiness and sorrow.”

The contradictions of Attachment and repugnance and happiness and sorrow are all created by Maya, when gaining or feeling either of them will make you fall into maya. Being happy isn’t much bothering but while in pain the being instead of cutting the maya veil gets into the cycle of sorrrow and depression. Pain and all negative feelings help man to get out of the maya web, the good cycle never makes man unhappy and urge for getting higher peace. But ofcourse bad cycle can help man to do so. And due to this maya’s negative and positive sides all beings fall into ignorance.

“But they who worship me in every way are selflessly engaged in good deeds, free from sin and delusion, arising from the conflicts of attachment and repulsion, and of firm intent.”

But the man who devotes himself to me fully gets engaged into good deeds selflessly and becomes free from sin and delusion that arise from the conflicting maya. This man will not become a prey to maya but instead sail through the dreamy maya world as if it is a drama created by supreme taking all negative and positive that comes his way just as a scene in a drama.

His intent will start becoming very very firm as he keeps practising this form of worship towards me.

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Verse 25, 26


“Hidden behind my yog-maya, I am not perceived by all and this ignorant man does not know me, the birthless and immutable God”

The yog-maya that I have created that acts as a veil which brings ignorance into minds of people. The veil being almost non-existant still acts opaque when the man is under deep ignorance. And for this man it is very much impossible to know me the birthless and immutable God. The way Im dusguised I am not perceived by all and not everyone know me.

“I Know, O Arjun, all beings that have been (or will be) in the past, present and future, but no one knows me (without true devotion) “

There have been many beings in the past, there are many beings in the present and there will be many beings in the future, but no one knows me or will know me without true devotion. Devotion is the ultimate cure for finding me, all the pain that man gets in this world will help him cut veils of maya and true devotion comes to selected ones that have undergone heavy learning through many lifetimes.

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Verse 23,24


“But the rewards of these deluded men are finite because they only attain to the gods they worship, whereas the man who worships me howsoever he does it – realizes me.”

The people who worship these Gods get finite rewards as they ask for desires of these world that are finite. Also they worship these Gods who also are a form created by me, and so they are also finite. But the ones who worship me within his body realises me. He may worship me or love me and devote himself completely to me will finally achieve me.

“Wanting in wisdom and oblivious of the reality that I am immaculate and beyond the friend and senses, men regard my manifestation as a physical incarnation.”

Man cannot think beyond form, whereas I am formless who created the entire ‘form’ of this cosmos. Yet man wants me in form and friendly appearing and which results into me taking form of a human body which men regard as my incarnation.

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Verse 21, 22


“It is I who bestow steadiness on the faith of covetous worshippers according to the nature of the Gods they worship.”

Lord says it is I who bestows steadiness in faith of the covetous worshippers, they want to achieve something or want their desires to manifest. And it is me who bestows thm with steady faith in the Deities they worship; so that they can get the things asily which they want. This only increases their faith in Me, as they are worshipping those deities thinking them as Me.

“Possessing this strengthened faith, the worshipper devotes himself to his chosen deity with devotion and through this undoubtedly achieves the enjoyment of desired pleasures which are appointed by my laws.”

The chosen deities that the worshipper has chosen for getting his desired fulfilled by the strengthened faith that I have bestowed to him. The faith that is bestoed to him helps him to get the things that he wishes to bring in his life. And I help him to manifest those things through the help of these deities that he is worshipping. The things that are granted to him are those things that I have created by my laws of Maya.

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