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Verse 9, 10

“Arjun, those actions however do not bind Me, unattached as I am to such actions, and standing apart as it were.”
And though I do those actions I still am not bound by them. I still stay unattached to those actions and keep apart from it. The same thing that Krishna asks Arjun to follow, to stay unattached to circumstances and actions while doing them; is the same thing that the Supreme also follows. This is why the impact of his communication is falling correctly on Arjun.
“Arjun under My aegis, Nature brings forth the whole creation, consisting of both sentinent and insentinent beings; it is due to this cause that the wheel of sansara is going around.”

Krishna says that because of his desire to manifest everything happens. He first of all takes form as male and female where male is the shiva and female is the shakti. The Female form is the maya while the male form is the soul of the maya. And in this way the whole creation takes place. The wheel of sansara keeps going around by this male and female persona’s. Death, birth and again death keep happening and cycle goes on.


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Verse 7, 8

“Arjun whenever righteousness is on the decline, unrighteousness is in the ascendant, then I body Myself forth.”
There are times on this planet when unrighteousness increases, evil takes strength and good people are kept devoid of their rights. The evil keeps getting stronger, and there is seems no ending of themselves. The good people keep surviving at hope the Good always wins. It is at this time when I take form of a human and take birth on this planet.

“For the protection of the virtuous, for the extirpation of evil-doers, and for establishing Dharma on a firm footing, I manifest Myself from age to age.”

For protecting the virtuous people who keep following the good path no matter what happens with them, and for destroying the evil-doers to give an account to the good ones the result of following the bad path; and also for re-establishing the forgotten dharma. I keep taking birth from age to age so that good keeps prevailing on this planet.
So no matter what happens, God always sends a Godly being to people who helps people to re-kindle their goodness and destroys the bad to give a living example to others ‘the consequences of doing bad karmas’.
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Verse 5 ,6

“And even all beings are not within me, and such is the power of my yog-maya that my Spirit, the creator and preserver of all beings, is not within them.”

And also not all beings are within Me, this is the power of yog-maya that my spirit though believed to take birth into a maya body still is not present in the yog-maya. And neither are the creator and the preserver of all beings within my yog-maya.
The creator and observer though create the world and preserve it by continuously keeping a close watch on it and its close happenings still they are also not within the yog-maya. They too dont get affected by it.

“Be it known to you that all beings dwell in me just as the great wind that roams everywhere always dwells in the sky.”
All beings dwell in Me, just like the great wind that blows everywhere dwells in the sky in the same way I too am everywhere and every being and non-being in within me. And yet I am not a part of the maya world and never dwell in it.

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Verse 3, 4

“Men who have no faith in this knowledge, O Parantap, do not attain to me and are doomed to roaming about the mortal world.”
Men who dont have faith in this knowledge dont attain me and are doomed to roaming in this mortal world. As this is the ultimate knowledge and except this knowledge there is nothing that will help them to attain salvation. So not believing in it will obviously lead to repetitive birth in this mortal world.
“The whole world is prevaded by me, the unmanifest supreme being, and all beings dwell within my will but I an not in them.”
The whole world pervades in me, the unmanifest supreme bring and all brings dwell within my will but I am not in them. By I it means God is not in the feeling of the maya and dwelling in it. God is in the form of the Soul that is a part of each body’s life giving essence.

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Verse 1, 2

“The Lord said I shall instruct you well with analogy in the mysterious knowledge, O the sinless, after knowing which you will be liberated from this sorrowful world.”
Lord told Arjuna that he will instruct him the mysterious knowledge, after knowing it Arjuna would be liberated from this sinful world. When we know something by comparing it to something that isnt that worthy then it is very easy for us to believe in it and follow it. And so Krishna says that he will explain him the mysterious knowledge with analogy that will help Arjuna the follow it and believe it quickly.
“This knowledge is the monarch of all learning as well as of all mysterious, most sacred, doubtlessly propitious, easy to practice, and indestructible.”
This knowledge is the monarch of all the learning as well as of all the mysterious. The knowledge that Krishna was about to give was definitely very very immense and deep and he wants Arjuna to know it, and when we humans know that certain thing that is been given to us is very very precious and rare then we usually grasp it with double the attention. And if we are not told that something is important even while important knowledge is given then we never understand its worth. And Krishna wants Arjuna to listen to the knowledge with great interest and anticipation and so he pre-warns him that the knowledge that he is going to get in a short while is propitious, easy to practise and indestructible.

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Verse 27, 28

“You should always rest upon yog, O Parth, for the yogi who knows the reality of the two ways is newer deceived.”
Krishna tells Arjuna that the yogi who knows the reality of these two ways will never be deceived. As the yogi will always strive to work and pass out during the bright months. By knowing this knowledge a yogi will never go off path as he knows that the fruits of his devotion is surely going to be with him and he will carry them after his death.
“Knowing this secret, the yogi transcends the rewards of Vedic study, sacrifical rites, penance, and charity and so achieves salvation.”
when a yogi knows this secret he will transcend the reward of vedic study, sacrifical rites, penance and charity which are delusional and people have beliefs of doing these to achieve heights and go to heaven. But these practises also are resulting into limited results. The limit you to go tho heaven and come back when your account is over. But knowing the above knowledge a person doesnt have to come back.

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“Dying during the prevalance of the darkness of a gloomy night, the dark half of a lunar month, and the six months of the downward course of the sun, the yogi who desires fruits of his action attains to the dim light of the moon and is reborn after enjoying his rewards in heaven!”
Dying during the dark months when sun moves in the south direction, at night, during the dark half month of the waning moon, will make the soul go to heaven where he will enjoy the fruits of his actions. And once the fruits get finished he will again come back to fulfill his ultimate journey.
“The way of brightness(that leads to God) and the way of darkness that takes one to the afterworld(the world of Manes to which departed ancestors have gone) are the two eternal ways in the world. One who takes the first achieves birthlessness, whereas he treader on the second is subject to repeated brth and death. “
The way to brightness is the bright ultimate abode where the supreme God is. And the way to darkness is where the soul is taken to the worlds that he feels do exist at the time of his existance on the planet. The soul reaches the place after death where his ancestors reside.
The first path takes to birthlessness whereas the second path takes the one to cycles of birth and death.

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