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Verse 10, 11

“I bestow upon the devotees, who always remember me and adore me with love, that discipline of yog by learning which they attain to none but me.”
To the devotees who always remember me and adore me with Love, I bestow them with the knowledge with which they can attain me. As Love is the greatest force of attraction which attracts whatever you give your love to. In the same way Love given to me also makes me attracted to you due to which I make available the yog of attaining me very simple.
“To extend my grace to them, dwell in their innermost being and dispel the gloom of ignorance by the radiance of knnowledge.”
To extend my grace to them, I dwell in their innermost being and dispel their gloom by lightening the radiance of knowledge. When someone loves me a lot and start dwelling in me, then this dwell will make them enlightened by my knowledge.


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Verse 8, 9

“Aware of the reality that I am the source of all creation as also the motive that stirs it to effort, and possessed of faith and devotion, wise men remember and worship only me.”
When you are aware of this reality that I am the source of all creation and also the motive that stirs this motive, then men remember only me as they start having faith and devotion towards me.
When you begin to realize the truth you accept it and then love and devotion automatically emerges from your heart towards the creator.
“They who anchor their minds on me, sacrifice their breath to me, and are contented with speaking only of my greatness among themselves, always dwell in me.”
The people who anchor their minds in me, always think about me and my greatness helps one to easily anchor their minds in me. Sacrifice their breath to me or we can say devote each breath to supreme, and are contented speaking only of Greatness of the creator among themselves always dwell in me. They dont need to do any special practice to come towards me. As being in the materialistic world doesnt let them get swayed by its lust and they always are focused in my Supreme being.

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Verse 6, 7

“The seven great sages, the four who had been earlier than them, as well as Manu and others from whom all mankind has sprung, have all been shaped by the operation of my will.”
The seven sages and the four who had been earlier then them and the manu and others from whom all mankind that exists on this earth has sprung are all shaped by my will. Lord says that the creation of not just this physical world but also the beings that reside in it are made by his own will.
“The one who knows the reality of my exalted magnificence and the might of my yog doubtless partake of my nature by becoming one with through meditation.”
The one who knows the reality of my exalted magnificence and might of my yog doubtlessly become one with me during meditation.
Supreme says one who knows this nature of mine can easily and doubtlessly become one with me during meditation.

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Verse 3,4,5

“The wise man among mortals, who knows my reality as the birth-less  eternal, and supreme God of the entire world, is freed from all sins.”
The wise man among mortals who knows that I am the birthless and eternal being who is the supreme God of all beings is freed from all sins. Such wise men are very dear to me and get salvation very easily.
“All the manifold qualities with which beings are endowed will, knowledge, freedom from delusion, forgiveness, truth, restraint of Senses and mind, happiness and unhappiness, creation and destruction, fear and fearlessness, as well as abstinence from the desire to harm, equanimity of mind, contentment, penance, charity, fame, and ignominity are provided by none but me.”
Krishna says that “there are men who know me as the supreme Lord” are very dear to me. And here in these verses says that the qualities like knowledge, freedom from delusion, forgiveness, truth, happiness & unhappiness, etc all contradicting qualities are also brought about by none other then the supreme Lord. This means that the supreme himself gives knowledge and ignorance and when he decides to enlighten some men with his knowledge its only then that thse men know him that he is the supreme eternal being. And supreme says that these men are dear to me. God himself makes people aware of his knowledge and then says these people are dear to me.
When a soul becomes very very mature after living many lives he knows the truth about lord. A soul who is freshly born or a few births old will never seek the supreme as there is still a lot more to explore. But a soul who ”has seen it all” will now want to turn back home. This feeling of going back home is also brought in by the supreme.

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Verse 1, 2

“The Lord said listen again, O mighty armed Arjun, to the mystic and compelling words I am about to speak because of my concern for the good of a beloved pupil. “
“Neither Gods nor great sages know my origin, for I am the primal Source from which all of them have arisen.”
Krishna has repeated his wisdom many times in this conversation but still again wants to repeat this knowledge for Arjun as Krishna says for his beloved pupil it his concern that the pupil takes in the knowledge fully and gets satisfied or his thirst feels quenched.
Neither Gods nor great sages have known my origin, as i am the primal source of all origin. Here Krishna is talking abd through the Supreme is talking. And this should be taken into account that Krishna too is a creation and has been created. At many places in Geeta there’s such mentioning that because Krishna says this he is the supreme lord. But here the supreme energy directly talks through Krishna.

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Verse 33, 34

“It hardly needs saying that since pious brahmins and royal sages attain salvation, you should also renounce this miserable, ephemeral, mortal body and always engage in my worship.”
Pious brahmins as well as sages also have to work hard to attain me. And so the level of work mentally a person has to put to devote towards me falls out equal for people of all run sages, brahmins, females, etc. And so an ordinary man should also work for attaining me.

“If taking refuge in and with a total devotion of the self to me, you contemplate, remember with humble reverence, and worship only me, you will attain me.”

If you take a total refuge in me with total devotion, you contemplate with humble reverence and worship only me then it is for sure that you attain me.
The same thing Krishna again repeats one more time that if you continuously devotes his time and attention towards me then you will surely attain me. This statement is so important to understand that a person can attain salvation just on its basis and without following any other verses in this book. So when a person follows other verses and their wisdom as well then he can live a life of perfection, that can be remarkable in thi sworld.

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Verse 31, 32

“Thus he shortly grows pious and achieves eternal peace, and so O son of Kunti, you should know beyond any doubt that my worshiper is never destroyed”
As a worshiper keeps doing his daily duties and also is devoted to me all the time he will slowly grow pious and achieve eternal peace. He will be devoid of the pain the world or the maya brings and will survive in pure bliss. And so O Arjun you should know this beyond doubt that the one who worships me is never destroyed. His good will and name stays forever in the world so that the coming generations may follow his footsteps.
“Since even women, Vaishya and Shurda, whose births are regarded as inferior, attain, O Parth, to the supreme goal by taking refuge in me…”
Vaishya and Shudra Varna people are considered as inferior and also Women are condidered so. But when the creator created everyone from the same tattvas he never discriminates them neither considers them inferior. As they too are his creation. And so the above method would also prove beneficial to them too. It is beneficial to all humans.

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