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Verse 12, 13

“Arjun said its been so said by even divine sages such as Narad, Asit, the sage DEval, and the great saint Vyas- that you are the radiant Being, supreme goal, and absolutely unblemished, because all of them believe you to be the Supreme Spirit who is the primeval, birthless, and all pervasive God of all Gods; and now you tell me the same. “
Narad, Asit, sage DEval and the great saint Vyas tell that you are the only supreme goal and absolutely unblemished as you are the only being that exists in this unuverse. You are birthless and God of all Gods. And after saying this Arjun wants Krishna to explain him about his own glory though he nkew that this is what everybody says. The purpose for Arjun to ask to show Krishna his glory is not so that he can believe, but the thirst of a devotee to see his beloved God after so many births of suffering makes Arjun say this to Krishna.


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