Verse 1, 2

“The Lord said listen again, O mighty armed Arjun, to the mystic and compelling words I am about to speak because of my concern for the good of a beloved pupil. “
“Neither Gods nor great sages know my origin, for I am the primal Source from which all of them have arisen.”
Krishna has repeated his wisdom many times in this conversation but still again wants to repeat this knowledge for Arjun as Krishna says for his beloved pupil it his concern that the pupil takes in the knowledge fully and gets satisfied or his thirst feels quenched.
Neither Gods nor great sages have known my origin, as i am the primal source of all origin. Here Krishna is talking abd through the Supreme is talking. And this should be taken into account that Krishna too is a creation and has been created. At many places in Geeta there’s such mentioning that because Krishna says this he is the supreme lord. But here the supreme energy directly talks through Krishna.


Verse 33, 34

“It hardly needs saying that since pious brahmins and royal sages attain salvation, you should also renounce this miserable, ephemeral, mortal body and always engage in my worship.”
Pious brahmins as well as sages also have to work hard to attain me. And so the level of work mentally a person has to put to devote towards me falls out equal for people of all run sages, brahmins, females, etc. And so an ordinary man should also work for attaining me.

“If taking refuge in and with a total devotion of the self to me, you contemplate, remember with humble reverence, and worship only me, you will attain me.”

If you take a total refuge in me with total devotion, you contemplate with humble reverence and worship only me then it is for sure that you attain me.
The same thing Krishna again repeats one more time that if you continuously devotes his time and attention towards me then you will surely attain me. This statement is so important to understand that a person can attain salvation just on its basis and without following any other verses in this book. So when a person follows other verses and their wisdom as well then he can live a life of perfection, that can be remarkable in thi sworld.

Verse 31, 32

“Thus he shortly grows pious and achieves eternal peace, and so O son of Kunti, you should know beyond any doubt that my worshiper is never destroyed”
As a worshiper keeps doing his daily duties and also is devoted to me all the time he will slowly grow pious and achieve eternal peace. He will be devoid of the pain the world or the maya brings and will survive in pure bliss. And so O Arjun you should know this beyond doubt that the one who worships me is never destroyed. His good will and name stays forever in the world so that the coming generations may follow his footsteps.
“Since even women, Vaishya and Shurda, whose births are regarded as inferior, attain, O Parth, to the supreme goal by taking refuge in me…”
Vaishya and Shudra Varna people are considered as inferior and also Women are condidered so. But when the creator created everyone from the same tattvas he never discriminates them neither considers them inferior. As they too are his creation. And so the above method would also prove beneficial to them too. It is beneficial to all humans.

Verse 29, 30

“Although I abide evenly in all beings and there is no one who is either dear or hateful to me, worshipers  who contemplate me with loving devotion abide in me and I in them.”
God says although I abide in all beings evenly and there is no one dear or hateful to me. But yet the worshipers who contemplate me with loving devotion abide in me and I in them. In others I am indistinguishable whereas in a devotee of me I am visible.

“Even if a man of the most depraved conduct worships me incessantly, he is worthy of being regarded as a saint because he is a man of true resolve.”
Even when a man of worst conduct worships me with true love and devotion then he is worthy of being regarded as a saint. As the qualities of a saint is to incessantly devote himself to God which is difficult for others to do. But when someone does it, then they too are worthy of being regarded as saints as they to have the true resolve.

Verse 27, 28

“You should O son of Kunti, dedicate to me whatever you do, eat, offer as sacrifice, give as alms and also your penance.”
God tells Arjun that you should dedicate to me whatever you do. whatever you eat offer it to me, offer a sacrifice then oo it should be offered to me, giving as alms to any sage then too offer those to me as well as observing penance for attaining anything should also be done by dedicating it to me.
This way the rough edges from the process goes away. There are times when we cannot do the process fully or completely with our effort just because we doubt our abilities as we feel we are doing it. But when you dedicate them to me then you always give your 100%. When we do something for our selfish purposes then we dont get satisfactory result out of it. But when we remove our selfishness, ie when we dedicate it to God then all selfishness vanishes and the work is purely done for God. And whatever we do for God always is done 100% and satisfactory for us as well as others.
As when you dedicate the work or action to God all the stress coming from the big-ness, greatness, or toughness of te work goes away. And you can perform the work well.
“Possessed thus of yog of renunciation by the sacrifice of all your acts, you will be freed from good as well as evil fruits which are the shackles of action, and attain to me.”
This way when you dedicate every action to me, the fruits of their result will surely not bother you. You will be free from their fruits of success or failure and finally attain me. The fruits of the action are the success hype and failure low feeling which tie up man for longer times then the action itself happens. This reason makes people ties up to actions and they dont perform well in other karmas. They try to act out of just little part of them, giving rise to more karmas. And get tied up in life and death cycle.
But dedicating everything to me will help man to attain me.

Verse 25, 26

“Men who are devoted to gods attain to gods, worshipers of ancestors attain to their ancestors, worshipers of beings attain to the state of beings, and my worshipers attain me.”
Men who worship Gods attain finally to those Gods and go to their level, the people who worship their ancestors attain the state of their ancestors after dying. People worship certain beings attain to them and people who worship me attain me attain me.
Whatever is in man’s mind he can easily manifest. So if a man believes in Gods that are created by the ultimate Supreme lord then they can easily manifest themselves in their state after death. People who believe in entity then its easy for them to manifest that state. And so the ones who believe in me manifest directly to my state.
“I lovingly accept the offerings of leaves, flowers, fruits, and water the selfless worshiper makes to me with true devotion.”

There are many ways a worshiper can worship me, some just give to me their true Love which is the highest and purest offering I love to accept with a whole heart. But at times people don’t know how to worship me and so they try to offer me flowers, fruits, leaves and water which are given with full love and devotion; and I accept that too lovingly.

Verse 23, 24

“Although even covetous devotees indeed worship me in worshiping other gods, their worship is against the ordained provision and therefore enveloped by ignorance.”
Though covetous devotees worship me while they worship other Gods as they are a form of mine, still they worship me due to other provisions and so they yet don’t worship me through the real essence of love and devotion that is needed to set them free from the birth death cycle. And so they stay enveloped by ignorance.
“Thy have to undergo rebirth because they are ignorant of the reality that I am the enjoyer as well as the master of the yagya.”
They undergo cycles of birth and death as they are ignorant of the fact that I am the sole enjoyer of offerings into the yagya as well as the master of the Yagya. Yagya itself is me, and this knowledge itself stays hidden from these kind of people because this is vast knowledge and it doesn’t come to people who have a narrow thinking of life and Gods. A person who knows God as some minor or from a narrow point of view surely doesn’t know the real God and is still ignorant.

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