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Verse 24,25

“If I don’t perform my actions well, the whole world will perish and I shall be the cause of the varnsankar and so a destroyer of mankind.”
If Krishna himself doesn’t do his duties well then he the creation would perish. And he himself would be the destroyer of it. God himself created this entire universe but wants to maintain it well, it doesnt make any difference to him if his creation failed and yet he chooses to maintain this universe well. So in the same way he too asks people born on this planet not to choose destruction but keep improving their lives every time and yet stay away from all attachments.
“As the ignorant act with a feeling of attachment to their actions, even so O Bharat the wise ought to act for the presentation of the established world-order.”
People ignorant to the truths that Krishna was explaining then were ought to follow a path that attached to their actions. But it is the wise people who know the truths are expected to present to the world the divine orders that are into action. Only this would help the ignorant to know what is true and what path to follow. Wise men learn from books and act but some people choose to follow these wise men.


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Verse 22, 23

“Although O Parth, there is no task in all the three worlds which I have to do, and neither is there any worthwhile object which I have not achieved, Im yet engaged in action.”
Lord Krishna here explains Arjun all the knowledge that he gave prior to this in this verse by giving his own example. There is no work for me in the entire three worlds which I have to do, and neither there is any worthwhile object that I haven’t achieved yet Im always engaged in action.
Like a puzzle this verse sounds but when you listen and grasp it carefully then you would understand the power in it. Krishna gave Arjun a lot of wisdom and this verse is a saturated forn of all that he had given till now. This also points out towards that Krishna was now slowly opening up his ‘Lord’ form towards Arjun.
“For should I not be diligent in the performance of my task O Parth, other men will follow my example in every way.”
As if I become diligent in performing my tasks then other men would follow my example in every way. Krishna doesn’t need to do anything nor there’s anything that he hasn’t achieved but yet he is always engaged in action, as he too is performing his duties while living in a selfles manner. This is why he is able to have such might Lordship where he follows his example such deeply that he himself connects to the creator and thus has achieved lordship till this level.

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Verse 20,21

“Since sages such as Janak had also attained to the ultimate realization by action, and keeping in mind, the preservation of the nature’s order it is incumbent upon you to act.”
King Janak had also attained this state where he was satisfied with his Self, and completely peaceful with it. His daughter(Sita, Lord Rama’s wife) had to pass though various pains in her life with her husband. Any other father would have got into a very sad state. Yet here King Janak being steadily focused on his Self knew the Nature’s order, the command of the almighty that everyone of us has to fulfill; which his daughter also was doing. And so he didn’t find that act as something painful.
“Others emulate the actions of a great man and closely follow the example set by him.”
Other people try to copy the actions that such a great man does and try to follow examples set by him.
Great people who walk on their life’s path, choose higer calling. And people with a higher calling will never have a path all ready for them. They usually opt to make ways at places where there seem to be walls. They aim high and then complete those aims. And so become a favorite for all the people who watch them. People always like challenges and people overcoming them. Great men always cross challenges in a new way. They always walk different from the crowd and create ripples which attracts the common man and so other ordinary people too follow the examples set by them.

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Verse 18,19

“Such a man has neither anything to gain from actions nor anything to lose from inaction, and he has no interest in any being or any object.”
This man would have nothing to gain from actions neither would loose anything from inaction. As action and inactin are both done by the mortal physical body whereas the focus on the Self that is indestructible is the ultimate goal.Which he has already attained. He’s gained the ultimate treasure and now getting or not getting any physical world pleasures doesn’t pay any heed to him. He is happy with himself, he doesn’t need anyone or anything to give him peace and make him happy.
“So always do what is right for you to do in the spirit of selflessness, for doing his duty the selfless man attains to God”
So always keep doing what your duty is. Work selflessly while doing your duties. This way a man attains God. He needs to be totally cut-off from the fruits of it. Only then he can do the deeds selflessly, if he attaches to the fruits of it then he would surely like to work to attain the fruits. But while working selflessly he totally get cut off from the deeds and thus never gets attached to any of it. And attains God.

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Verse 16,17

“The man in this world, O Parth who loves sensual pleasure and lead an impious life, and does not conduct himself in accordance with the thus prescribed cycle (of Self-realization), leads but a futile life. “
A man who loves to live by pleasing his senses, though knowing that their pleasures are just temporary and doesn’t follow the path of self-realization, lives a worthless life. His life doesn’t prove to be helpful to himself nor to other beings. Man taking birth on this planet always has to do something worthwhile for himself as well as this planet. but not doing so is just wasting the resources he gets while living this life.
“But there remains nothing more to do for the man who rejoices in his Self, finds contentment in his self, and feels adequate in his self.”
The man who knows and has learnt to stay content with himself, he doesn’t need to do anything rather then just rejoicing in himself. Rejoicing in onself is like enjoying the true essence of God within. No other pleasures seem more pleasing then this realization. This man would never ask for anything else rather then his own self. And so nothing remains for him to do.

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Verse 13,14,15

“The wise who partake of what is left over from yagya are rid of all evil, but the sinners who cook only for the sustenance of their bodies partake of nothing but sin.”
The yagya done for the attainment of God, means all acts done with detachment from its sense objects and attachment only to the self that is a part of God, would give out fruits of labour. Taking this food even when it is left overs will erase all sin that was accumulated. But people who cook and eat only for sustaining their bodies and dont do any yagya will get only sin and nothing more.
“All beings get their life from food, food grows from rain, rain emerges from yagya, and yagya is an outcome of action.”
“Be it known to you that action arose from the Ved and the Ved from the indestructible Supreme Spirit, so that the all pervasive, imperishable God is ever present in yagya.”
All soul get their life from food that they eat, and all food that we eat is directly or indirectly produced by rain. Rain growing crops and cropa eaten by us and animals. Rain emerges from yagya, yagya the connection of self to the supreme when done with fullness never leaves any attachment and the absence of attachment or greed more more gives us more which is here is signified as ‘shower’ the yagya showers with the rain. The rain here is the gift of the resources that a man needs.
Actions are done according to the Vedas, and the Vedas have originated from the God itself and so the God is ever present in the yagya. As yagya is the only action Vedas instruct to be done.

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Verse 11,12

“And may you cherish Gods by yagya and may Gods foster you, for this is the means by which you will finally achieve the ultimate state.”
Yagya helps to please the ultimate Love energy flame to get lit in your heart. And then this flame will help you grow, and it will guide you, protect you and lead you to that ultimate state which every soul longs to go.
“The Gods you foster by yagya will shower upon you without asking all the joys you wish for, but the man who avails himself of these joys without having paid for them is truly a thief”
Yagya the doing of your life’s mission is what ultimately each soul has to do. This pleases the God as a soul learns more about itself and about its higher self. Such a soul is then easily bestowed with the gifts that he has been longing for. The things that he wished would come to him easily just by working on his lifes goals. Whereas a person not working on his life’s mission and just wanting things he likes is like a thief. His attainments wouldn’t stay for long, once his good karma deeds are paid off these things begin to perish. To make these things available to you freely and for as long as you wish, doing one’s yagya is the only best way.

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