Verse 15, 16

O Divine Purusha, O Origin of Beings, o Lord of all creatures, O God of Gods, O Sustainer of the World! Verily Thou alone knowest Thyself by thyself.

Therefore, please tell me exhaustively of Thy divine powers and qualities by which Thine Omnipresence sustaineth the cosmos.

Krishna is the Divine Lord of Lords. Lord of all creatures, God of Gods and sustainer of world. Krishna himself is knowledgeable of his might and his powers. There is no other creature or being anywhere in this universe that can have knowledge of Krishna. Its like the Sword itself, who knows how sharp it is and never gets cut by itself. And so Arjuna wants to know the truth from the Truth himself.

Arjun getting hungry to know more and more of the Divine wisdom that was filling his mind with bliss, is now getting more and more greedy for consuming more of what Krishna is giving. The real Greed that which cannot be called negative. Whereas greed to attain the materialistic pleasures always ends up in vain; the Greed to know the Divine never goes in vain.

Arjuna tired of unending cold wars with brothers since birth, and now confronting a real war; when finally gets to know the bliss of Krishna cannot stop himself of drinking that pleasure more and more. This was the never ending thirst of drinking in the eternity and Truth of the divine which comes only after a certain state of maturity is attained by a soul.

A mature soul is one which knows in and out of the materialistic world. Has seen good and bad of the maya through several births. And is now very much aware that there is something beyond all good and bad. And this soul when gets to know the Divine, then has all the strength, will and receptivity to get whatever the Divine gives out. And so Divine never gives out his knowledge to just any soul who has not attained enough maturity level to be bestowed with that knowledge.


Verse 14

O Keshava (Krishna)! I consider as eternal truth all Thou hast revealed to me. Indeed, O my Lord! Neither the Devas or Danavas know the infinite modes of thine appearances. 

Krishna had revealed immense knowledge that only few knew in this vast brahmanda. Krishna the divine lord gets pleased only by the unconditional love and devotion of the devotee and so the devotee is here given something that’s the most valuable in this entire


The Divine as well as Demonic forces are also the creation of the God himself, but yet they were never given this wisdom by the Lord

himself, they are not even aware of it. Arjun here feels very lucky for knowing this Truth through the very divine words of Krishna.

Verse 12, 13

“Arjun said its been so said by even divine sages such as Narad, Asit, the sage DEval, and the great saint Vyas- that you are the radiant Being, supreme goal, and absolutely unblemished, because all of them believe you to be the Supreme Spirit who is the primeval, birthless, and all pervasive God of all Gods; and now you tell me the same. “
Narad, Asit, sage DEval and the great saint Vyas tell that you are the only supreme goal and absolutely unblemished as you are the only being that exists in this unuverse. You are birthless and God of all Gods. And after saying this Arjun wants Krishna to explain him about his own glory though he nkew that this is what everybody says. The purpose for Arjun to ask to show Krishna his glory is not so that he can believe, but the thirst of a devotee to see his beloved God after so many births of suffering makes Arjun say this to Krishna.

Verse 10, 11

“I bestow upon the devotees, who always remember me and adore me with love, that discipline of yog by learning which they attain to none but me.”
To the devotees who always remember me and adore me with Love, I bestow them with the knowledge with which they can attain me. As Love is the greatest force of attraction which attracts whatever you give your love to. In the same way Love given to me also makes me attracted to you due to which I make available the yog of attaining me very simple.
“To extend my grace to them, dwell in their innermost being and dispel the gloom of ignorance by the radiance of knnowledge.”
To extend my grace to them, I dwell in their innermost being and dispel their gloom by lightening the radiance of knowledge. When someone loves me a lot and start dwelling in me, then this dwell will make them enlightened by my knowledge.

Verse 8, 9

“Aware of the reality that I am the source of all creation as also the motive that stirs it to effort, and possessed of faith and devotion, wise men remember and worship only me.”
When you are aware of this reality that I am the source of all creation and also the motive that stirs this motive, then men remember only me as they start having faith and devotion towards me.
When you begin to realize the truth you accept it and then love and devotion automatically emerges from your heart towards the creator.
“They who anchor their minds on me, sacrifice their breath to me, and are contented with speaking only of my greatness among themselves, always dwell in me.”
The people who anchor their minds in me, always think about me and my greatness helps one to easily anchor their minds in me. Sacrifice their breath to me or we can say devote each breath to supreme, and are contented speaking only of Greatness of the creator among themselves always dwell in me. They dont need to do any special practice to come towards me. As being in the materialistic world doesnt let them get swayed by its lust and they always are focused in my Supreme being.

Verse 6, 7

“The seven great sages, the four who had been earlier than them, as well as Manu and others from whom all mankind has sprung, have all been shaped by the operation of my will.”
The seven sages and the four who had been earlier then them and the manu and others from whom all mankind that exists on this earth has sprung are all shaped by my will. Lord says that the creation of not just this physical world but also the beings that reside in it are made by his own will.
“The one who knows the reality of my exalted magnificence and the might of my yog doubtless partake of my nature by becoming one with through meditation.”
The one who knows the reality of my exalted magnificence and might of my yog doubtlessly become one with me during meditation.
Supreme says one who knows this nature of mine can easily and doubtlessly become one with me during meditation.

Verse 3,4,5

“The wise man among mortals, who knows my reality as the birth-less  eternal, and supreme God of the entire world, is freed from all sins.”
The wise man among mortals who knows that I am the birthless and eternal being who is the supreme God of all beings is freed from all sins. Such wise men are very dear to me and get salvation very easily.
“All the manifold qualities with which beings are endowed will, knowledge, freedom from delusion, forgiveness, truth, restraint of Senses and mind, happiness and unhappiness, creation and destruction, fear and fearlessness, as well as abstinence from the desire to harm, equanimity of mind, contentment, penance, charity, fame, and ignominity are provided by none but me.”
Krishna says that “there are men who know me as the supreme Lord” are very dear to me. And here in these verses says that the qualities like knowledge, freedom from delusion, forgiveness, truth, happiness & unhappiness, etc all contradicting qualities are also brought about by none other then the supreme Lord. This means that the supreme himself gives knowledge and ignorance and when he decides to enlighten some men with his knowledge its only then that thse men know him that he is the supreme eternal being. And supreme says that these men are dear to me. God himself makes people aware of his knowledge and then says these people are dear to me.
When a soul becomes very very mature after living many lives he knows the truth about lord. A soul who is freshly born or a few births old will never seek the supreme as there is still a lot more to explore. But a soul who ”has seen it all” will now want to turn back home. This feeling of going back home is also brought in by the supreme.

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